At Polygonum Ltd we consistently strive to give our customers the most appropriate guidance and advise when it comes recommending sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly products for our clients marketing campaigns.  It could be sourcing reusable tote shoppers as an alternative to promotional plastic bags to recycled mugs, paper products and gadgets.  We love to seek out the most up and coming products that are perfect for the brief we are working towards and our environmentally responsible corporate clients.

Seeded Sprout Pencil

Hot on the desk at the moment is the Seeded Sprout Pencil which is the World’s First Sustainable Pencil That Can be Planted After Use!  In Place of an Eraser It Features a Water-Soluble Seeds Capsule & When It Becomes Too Short to Write with It Can be Planted.  The Seeded Pencil is Customised by Engraving a Logo or Short Message Onto the Pencil. Personalised Packaging & Various Seeds Varieties are Available so it can suit all typres of camplaigns and audiences.  We love it!

Recycled Notebooks

We also think this range of notebooks, available in A4, A5 and A6 size encapsulates the recyclability element of our daily lives so well being made of recycled till receipts!  Each individual page including the outer cover are made from recycled products so our clients can be sure that they are getting a fully personalised green and ethical promotional gift to pass to their own employees or indeed to their clients at the next conference.

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