Trolley Coin Keyring

Trolley coins / Trolley Keychains / trolley tokens are a fantastic addition to the promotional industry. The existing £1 coins will be undergo demonetisation from Autumn 2017 and a new 12-sided one pound coin will be introduced in March 2017.

The coin, which represents a one pound coin, is detachable from its key chain attachment and can be used for supermarket and airport trolleys as well as changing room lockers. We always recommend to use both sides of the coin to maximise exposure and message. A practical and useful promotional item which will be used over and over again.

This March, the UK will see 1.5 billion new £1 coins go into circulation. The 12-sided coin will completely replace the exisitng coin by November 2017. From shopping trolleys, to gym lockers, the new pound coin trolley tokens can be personalised on both sides to feature your clients logo.

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